device name:

S series high power lasers

Made in Iran – Nooran Sanat Mesbah Company

Laser power: W1650

Laser wavelength: nm1080

Brand: Norsam Company

Manufactured by: Norsam Company

Although the original fiber lasers had only a few milliwatts of output power, they now produce fiber lasers with an output power of several hundred watts or several kilowatts, using only one optical fiber. This unique feature comes from the surface-to-volume ratio of these lasers (without too much temperature rise). Also, the ripple effects of the fibers, even at high temperatures, prevent optical heat problems.

High power fiber optic lasers are widely used today. For example, in different processes, materials used by lasers are used. Laser cutting and welding are examples of this process that is performed on various materials such as metal and other materials used in industry.

  • Attributes
    Output power above w1700 in single module
    User friendly connection
    High optical efficiency
    Laser cutting
    Laser coating
    Laser welding
    Laser cleaning