Laser machine welding

Fiber Optic Laser Transmission Machine The laser is transmitted through an optical fiber to a welding joint, which is a flexible joint. The laser energy is distributed in the bean range according to the shape of the cap, the total focal energy is evenly distributed, the welding point is smooth and beautiful, which is suitable for spot welding with high demand, and the stability of spot welding is high.

Compared to laser welding machine with hard optical path, laser welding machine with fiber optic transmission has uniform beam quality and laser energy requires only one optical fiber to transmit.

2. The point energy distribution in the fiber optic welding machine is uniform and has the best point required for welding specifications. , Is more suitable for precision welding and welding of thin-walled materials.

Fiber lasers are a type of solid-state lasers that, unlike gas lasers and small-grain liquid lasers, produce a laser beam. In this technology, a primary light emitting diode is produced by a laser to excite these small grains.

device name:

Machine laser welding machine

Made in Iran – Nooran Sanat Mesbah Company

Laser power: W1000-3000

Laser wavelength: nm1080

Brand: Norsam Company

Manufactured by: Norsam Company

Under warranty: Norsam Company



 High quality fiber optic output

 Long life

Minimum maintenance requirement


 Precision welding

 Battery welding

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The first manufacturer of fiber lasers in Iran

The best technology in the world today (photo of working with the device with one of the children)

Provider of the most industrial, medical, scientific and research systems based on fiber laser technology.