device name:

Manual laser welding machine

Made in Iran – Nooran Sanat Mesbah Company

Laser power: W1500

Laser wavelength: nm1080

Brand: Norsam Company

Manufactured by: Norsam Company

Under warranty: Norsam Company

Fiber lasers are a type of solid-state lasers that, unlike gas lasers and small-grain liquid lasers, produce a laser beam. In this technology, a primary light emitting diode is produced by a laser to excite these small grains. Due to the technology included in the optical fiber, like the mirrors in other lasers, the light is amplified after a series of round trips. The light produced is emitted at a wavelength of 1064 nm. In the structure of this device, this laser is used due to its ease in transmitting light and its easy movement.

In laser welding machine, the laser head is in the category of laser welding. The process is performed without contact and pressure and by direct radiation of laser light on the surface. Thanks to this laser welding technology, this device can be used even in difficult places where it is not possible to use traditional welding. Easily performed various nozzles on the welding handle, for complex and large parts that have irregular shapes, performed laser welding at any angle. For safety, the laser welding handle will operate when the tip is in contact with the metal. The thermal sensors in the laser welding handle sense body heat.