device name:

Laser engraving machine

Made in Iran – Nooran Sanat Mesbah Company

Laser power: W50

Laser wavelength: nm1064

Brand: Norsam Company

Manufactured by: Norsam Company

Fiber laser machine offers one of the most advanced and newest engraving methods. Today, this device has been introduced in various industries and its use is gradually expanding. With fiber machine, you can easily work on different materials such as metals, plastics, stones and…. Engraved. That is why many businesses and industries are looking to use this technology in their profession, the new method of fiber machine without touching the piece and by emitting a powerful laser beam from a distance of a few centimeters, burns the desired point and performs the engraving operation. Its uses are in places where they want to engrave the general specifications of their product, along with the company brand, on the product.

Application of laser engraving machine

Metal Engraving with Laser Fiber Engraving Machine is a new and excellent way to insert badges and logos on the product and as a result has a greater impact that can perform laser engraving on a wide range of materials. With these devices, it is possible to engrave on a part of metals and metal alloys with a very shallow depth (several hundredths of a millimeter). Speed, accuracy, quality and no restrictions in material selection are the most important factors for using fiber laser engraving machines.

Application of laser engraving machine

Automotive industry

Hospital equipment

Catering services

Goldsmithing industry

Machine tools (tools, drills, saw blades, etc.)