Laser cleaning machine

device name:

Laser cleaning machine

Made in Iran – Nooran Sanat Mesbah Company

Laser power: 1000W

Laser wavelength: nm1080

Brand: Norsam Company

Manufactured by: Norsam Company

One of the problems that occurs for metal surfaces and objects in various industries is rust and rot; Therefore, cleaning and removing this type of contamination is essential to increase longevity. In the past, there were hard and tedious methods to remove rust, but fiber laser device technology has provided an extremely efficient and effective way to remove rust that has easy installation and automatic operation. This machine is not only a tool to eliminate rust, rot and metal plating of metal surfaces; It is used for laser cleaning for painting, resin, oxide layers, laser screws, dust, laser welding, surface stains, stone surface, rubber mold residues, oxidized layers, oil stains and restoration of antiquities.

  • Attributes
    High quality fiber output beam
    Long half-life
    Little need for maintenance
    In two classes of pulsed and continuous laser
    Dust removal
    Oxide removal
    Remove color

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