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Nooran Sanat Mesbah Company is the first private company to design and manufacture fiber lasers and related systems in Iran. Which started its activity step by step in 2011. Nooran Sanat Mesbah Company was established in September 2017 based on about 10 years of research experience of its founders in the field of fiber laser and its applications in various industries and was one of the companies located in Isfahan Scientific Research Town. The company has elite academic and experimental specialists and also uses new technologies, along with design innovation, capable of producing fiber laser lasers and fiber laser devices in order to meet the needs of the country in industrial, medical and academic branches. Dependence on foreign countries has also been severed

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Our specialists provide you with the best products

Extent and variety of our products are able to offer a wide range of industrial applications including cutting, engraving, drilling, welding, cleaning and so on. Also, different components of fiber optics of this company meet the necessary needs in the field of manufacturing and development of fiber lasers.

Our specialists provide you with the best products

Our products use the best materials and the latest technology in the world and show unparalleled strength and elegance. High reliability and ease of use are the most important features of our products.

Our specialists provide you with the best products

Norsam Company offers a wide range of after-sales services on all its products, including installation, repair and periodic inspections, etc., by using specialized and capable personnel.

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Some products of Danesh Bonyan Nooran Sanat Mesbah Company

CW fiber laser

Pulsed fiber laser

Ultra-short pulse fiber laser

Fiber laser kit

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Applications of Nooran Sanat Company products

Fiber laser welding machines are also divided into continuous and pulsed types according to their use based on the lasers used in them. Fiber lasers include multi-mode and single-mode types based on the output beam quality.
Fiber laser welding requires less equipment than Nd: YAG welding and therefore has a smaller cabin. Due to the transmission of light through the fiber, it provides more freedom of action for the user. As a result, it is easier to use, has a stronger weld connection, has less weld failure, and therefore better weld quality.

Welding machine

Metal Engraving with Laser Fiber Engraving Machine is a new and excellent way to insert badges and logos on the product and as a result has a greater impact that can perform laser engraving on a wide range of materials. With these devices, it is possible to engrave on a part of metals and metal alloys with a very shallow depth (several hundredths of a millimeter). Speed, accuracy, quality and no restrictions in choosing the material are the most important factors for using fiber laser engraving devices.


Metals are one of the most common materials used to cut laser technology. More than hundreds
There are different types of metal in hundreds of different industries in the world that use this technology.

One of the advantages of laser machine for cutting metals in comparison with other metal cutters is the presence of fiber laser;
Fiber is cheaper than other lasers and has a longer lifespan and will rarely require maintenance.
Had. The power consumption of fiber is lower compared to other models of fiber laser cutting machines.


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